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Friday, June 24, 2016

8 Expressions You Can Use Right Now

  • Work (one's) ass/butt off 
Definition: To work very hard and tirelessly.
Ex. I'm exhausted, been working my ass off all week. 
  • Bust (one's) ass/butt
Definition: Same as work one's ass/butt off.
Ex. Hillary is busting her ass to get elected President.  
  • Work (one's) fingers to the bone
Definition: Work hard on something (usually to accomplish a certain goal).
Ex. They don't have much money, but she's worked her fingers to the bone to get her kids a university education.
  • Juggle (many things)
Definition: To multitask, to do (or attempt to do) many things at the same time.
Ex. I'm not going to go to the party; I've been juggling so many things at work and I just want to rest. 
  • Burn out 
Definition: Become completely exhausted (or even sick) from overworking. 
Ex. She felt extremely burnt out after working 15 hours every day this week.
  • Under pressure
Definition: With high expectations to deliver certain results.
Ex. He's been grumpy because he's under a lot of pressure at work. 
  • Snowed under
Definition: With many tasks and things to accomplish.
Ex. I need to move our meeting to next week; I'm snowed under with paper work.
  • Tied up (with something)
Definition: Busy with something 
Ex. We're all tied up with this new project. The best way to remember new vocabulary is to start using it, so go put these expressions to use!! 

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